The Alkaholiks presents E&J Soundsystem - Rubber Bands

Written by  | 30 November 2015

Out of nowhere comes this very nice release from the legendary Alkaholiks crew - Showing and proving that the liks have still got it! I'm not exactly sure why Tash doesn't feature on this release, but I assume that explains why it's credited to the E&J Sound System. 

What I really love about this reack is that in this day and age where many golden era artists try and keep up with the latest trends, most of them fall short of producing anything that is up to the same standard as they did back in their prime. However, this release is dope. Nothing has really changed for the Alkaholiks. The beats are produced by E Swift, and hit hard. It's kind of an odd loop that E Swift has crafted, but kind of infectious at the same time. J Ro is in fine form - A pleasure to hear these guys still doing their thing exactly like they did twenty years ago (Yep, it's been that long).

The B Side comes with an instrumental version, and I think that is a real good move as I'd love to mess with double copies of this one. Oh, and it's pressed to transparent beer coloured vinyl, with a limited run of 500. Essential in my book.

Shan Frenzie

Shan Frenzie

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