Boca 45 - 'Soul on Top' ft. Louis Baker

Written by  | 30 November 2015

In 2013 New Zealand soul singer LOUIS BAKER made an impression at the Red Bull Music Academy in NYC. Luckily for us he bumped into Scott Hendy aka Boca 45 in Amsterdam earlier this year at a gig. It's a wonderfully bouncy tune with Boca's breaks, cuts and sample flourishes that provides a genuine backing for an energetic performance by the Kiwi lad. The flip is a welcome surprise as it's the b-boy flavoured, swingin' 60s, Maradona inspired 'Diego's Theme' culled from Boca's 2006 LP 'Vertigo Sounds'. Pre-sales went on sale few weeks back, but the remaining copies of the 300 pressing will be available on Jan 25th. Jelly Jazzing Pete Isaac's 45LIVE label will prove to be an essential and highly collectable label, especially when you see who is part of the extended family.

Early vinyl release and digital download: - 45LIVE BANDCAMP

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