Jungle Brothers - I'll House You / On the Run

Written by  | 13 January 2016

The people at Get On Down must be reading my mind. I swear it's only been very recently that I was hoping this 45 got a re-release - And how about this! First release from the label for 2016! If you're not familiar with this classic (And I'm really hoping everyone who reads this site is familiar), this is the Todd Terry produced breakout song from 1988 from the Jungle Brothers. The tune that put them on the map around the world. You could hear it played in every type of club. Well, to be fair back in 1988 there wasn't really such a thing as a Hip Hop club, as all clubs played Hip Hop amongst other styles back then.

Yes, this 45 is a re-issue of the original 45 from 1988. No, you will not find the original. So really, this one is a no brainer. For fans of the song "I'll House You", it's worth noting that there is also another remix from 1988 floating around on 45. It's a remix from Richie Rich, and thus tailored towards the house music crowd of that era - and not available on this particular release being reviewed today.

The B side - This is what really gets me excited. "On The Run" is one of the dopest Hip Hop joints from that time - and it still kicks a punch today. You all know it, so I won't go into how this one really just seals the deal. Run out and get it, just for this side alone.

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Shan Frenzie

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