Mongrels - You Dig Raps

Written by  | 12 February 2016

Mongrels are Kid Acne and Benjamin from the second epicentre of hip hop, the South Yorkshire town of Sheffield from whence Warp Records and The Human League were born. It's DIY music. Created and released without fanfare. And without any pre-concvieved notion of what they SHOULD release. They create and release. That's it. Perfect punk aesthetic to which they also have a tight association with. Airplay? I don't think they even consider that happening. They probably think it would've been a mistake if it even occurred. That's what I like about of lot of low level UK hip hop. It's more livelier than a cow pat game of twister in a rural paddock. Shit is mad real. Some of Kid Acne's music is very lo-fi and obliquely experimental, but there's a 'fuck you big studio' aesthetic I dig.

It's all about the A-side You Dig Raps? I just love those crunchy drums that artists like The P-Brothers and Edan favoured. It's stripped down to just the bones and feels like a gravel rash injury after a fall from a tricycle. The flip is a Scotty Hard remix of Combat Drivers, but it's a tad squashy for my ears today.

Their latest 45 is maxed out at 200 copies and a bit on the pricer side at £10.00. But they probably don't care if it sells in a month or 50months. In 100 years this will be coveted by a small group of fiends who will huddle around a bin fire in a post-apocalypse landscape ruminating on the lost sounds of rare Yorkshire rap 45s.

Find it here


Video features Super8 footage shot by Kid Acne from the end of the last century.

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