Hot 16 feat Ohmega Watts - Rhythm

Written by  | 15 February 2016

Here's a hot little 45 out of Portland from a producer by the name of Hot 16, featuring some very dope lyrics from Ohmega Watts. Hot 16 has a few really great releases to his name already, including a very fly beat tape released to cassette. Like some of his previous releases Hot 16 employs the use of some very talented musicians to help concoct a fly backing track. I really like how he very subtly incorporates the live elements into the mix, choosing to not over do it and making them sound more like samples. His beats are really nice as well, utilising some nice sounds that really round off this track and give it an airy feel.

Ohmega Watts is in fly form over this release, floating effortlessly over the instrumental. Infact, I'd even say this is the best I've heard Ohmega Watts in years! Not that he ever fell off, but I think he just really brought his A game on this one. He has a great cadence and flow, with creative rhymes to match - and honestly, It's quite refreshing to hear a dope MC like this now days, where most MC's just phone it in.

The B Side takes the proceedings in a slightly harder direction, with a crackin' remix from K-Def, hardening up the drums and giving the track an entirely new feel. Both sides are killer, no filler - and both sides will have a good run in different environments. Recommended!

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