Frankie Cutlass - Puerto Rico / Boriquas On The Set

Written by  | 24 February 2016

This one popped up as a total surprise, but anyone who grew up on a healthy diet of nineties Hip Hop knows that both sides are totally essential. Infact, In recent years I've already been giving both of these tracks a new lease of life in my digital sets - so I'm super happy they are now available on a 45 format.

Both tracks are party favourites, with "Puerto Rico" being the dope instrumental version that uses the Skull Snaps beat, in the classic AV8 style of Hip Hop production. The flip side "Boriquas On The Set" features raps from Doo Wop, Fat Joe, and Ray Boogie.

Now if your not familiar, I'm here to tell you this is a no brainer purchase - Infact, I bought double copies sight unseen - It's just that necessary.

Getting hold of these might be an issue for some, and as far as I know they are only available through discogs. I was unfamiliar with the seller, and it seems that the account was set up exclusivly for this release (I'm guessing it *might* be coming from Frankie Cutlass directly). However, rest assured that my experience in dealing with this seller was totally positive. Communication was clear and not delayed, and the records arrived on my doorstep in satisfactory packaging and time frame. So armed with all that knowledge, I advise you to jump on this right away and scoop them before they are sold out.

Shan Frenzie

Shan Frenzie

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