Henry Street Music - The Definitive 7 Inch Collection Part 1

Written by  | 24 February 2016

I've always believed that a good Hip Hop DJ should know how to play House music. Afterall, the two genres were so intimately connected back in the day, and when you're rocking the party you need to know how to take it there. I've also recently been making an effort to collect as much classic house music on 45 as I can find. It shouldn't take me very long as there wasn't a whole lot committed to 45 - But when I caught wind of this brand new release from Henry Street Music I was super excited and copped it immediately.

If you don't know the label, these guys have been around for a minute and have a huge back catalogue to their name - Plus some of the biggest party tunes ever released, a stack of them can be found in this package.

The Bucketheads "The Bomb", Armand Van Helden "The Funk Phenomena", 95 North "Check It Out" are all here - Plus so many more - and it's a really diverse package, representing the many flavours of House Music the label was known for.

The packaging is quite understated for a release of this kind. It contains eleven tracks spread over five x seven inches in total. Each 45 has a flip on a classic disco label as it's center graphic. I was a bit bummed that on one of the 45s they crammed two songs onto one side (at 33 RPM), including "Check It Out". I would have been ok if they had dropped a song in favour of keeping the pressings all at 45 RPM.. No biggie, but a small annoyance on my behalf.

The fact that this is titled "Part 1" fills me with hope that we will soon see a follow-up collection sometime this year - and I'd love to see DJ Stew's "Funky Fresh" appear on the next batch (an obvious omission from this release).

Overall though - what a package! So necessary!

  • A1 Kenny Dope - Whew
  • B1 Armand Van Helden - The Funk Phenomena
  • C1 Kenny Dope - The Bomb!
  • D1 Johnick - Play The World
  • E1 Mike Delgado - Byrdman's Revenge
  • F1 Ralphi Rosario - You Used to Hold Me
  • G1 DJ Sneak - Show Me The Way
  • H1 Robbie Tronco - Walk 4 Me
  • I1 95 North - Check It Out
  • I2 Johnick - The Captain
  • J1 Scotti Deep - Brooklyn Beats
Shan Frenzie

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