Dirtstyle 7" Series

Written by  | 02 March 2016

When it comes to deejay battle records the first releases on the infamous Dirtsyle Records are definitely the all time greatest. They certainly weren't the first ones released, but they were pretty close off the starting blocks. Contained within were a string of samples, scratch sounds, beats, and cuts all expertly segued together in a style that at the time of release was so unfamiliar yet inviting. They *almost* could be played as some crazy non-stop cut-up mix. And let's not deny how many hours we all wasted practising with these records! Plus, that artwork was so iconic to the series that when battle records stopped having graffiti inspired cover art I was almost disappointed.

So with all that in mind, it comes as a pretty cool surprise that label owner DJ Q Bert has re-released the original 4 releases as individual 45's. Now the question begs: are these edited down versions? I can't answer that with any authority as I'm yet to get my mittens on these, but I know for a fact that the original 12 inch pressings of these records definitely play longer than the standard 4 minutes that a 45 RPM seven inch record allows. I'm guessing these have been pressed at the slower 33RPM allowing more audio to be pressed to the vinyl - And this would make sense given that the nature of scratch records works best at 33RPM so that the DJ doesn't need to rewind the records so much.

I should mention these are in very limited supply and at this stage are only available as a set of 4 - and of course, double copies are totally required otherwise you're doing it all wrong - and that (two sets) will set you back a cool $100 USD.

Available directly thorough the Dirtsyle website.

Shan Frenzie

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