The Dynamic Corvettes - Funky Music is The Thing / The D.O.C - Lend Me An Ear

Written by  | 22 March 2016

The "Originals" label is on a roll. When you look through their vast back catalogue you get a sense of just how much they love late eighties Hip Hop - and I must admit that era is totally my bag as well. Classic joint after classic joint - many of them never previously available on the seven inch format - and while I must admit that not every release has got me totally excited, for the most part they have been essential purchases. This latest release definitely keeps up the momentum and I would consider a stand out amongst their catalogue. I'm so glad that the crew behind the label didn't go for one of the more rinsed D.O.C tracks like "The Formula" or "It's Funky Enough" (Although I wouldn't have been mad at that). Instead we get what I consider one of the underrated gems from what is an incredible album. "Lend Me An Ear" is fast and furious. A B Boy classic that chops and changes at breakneck speed, whilst maintaining a funky backdrop programmed by Dr Dre. It's very dope and instant ammunition for the dancefloor.

The flip Side is equally as classic. The Dynamic Corvettes "Funky Music Is The Thing" is a blockparty staple for its very funky breakbeat half way through, made famous from its inclusion on the Ultimate Breaks & Beats series. It has been released on 45 before as both in its original pressing back in 1975, and as a re-release in 2008 - So It's possible to come by it if you look hard enough - But for those who don't already own it this is a no-brainer. Heck, even if you do own it I'm sure you could appreciate being able to bang this right up against the D.O.C. It's worth mentioning that this is an edit by Mr Fantastic, Although as for what the edits were I can't say. It didn't seem to be immediately audibly obvious to me, keeping true to the original (and that's a good thing).

If you haven't got the drift of this review yet, let me spell it out for you: Rush out and put your order in for this soon to be released 45 before they disapear - and grab doubles while you are at it. 

Shan Frenzie

Shan Frenzie

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