Naughty NMX & Jim Sharp - No Love In The City / Too Much Hustle

Written by  | 03 November 2016

A new release on one of our favourite records labels has prompted us to get off our butts and back into writing reviews. Apologies for the silence. You know, life stuff happened - and frankly it's really really hard for the two of us to keep up with the incredible releases that seem to be coming out at breakneck speed of recent months, especially given that this website is a labor of love. Anyway, enough of the excuses. Let's get into the music..

It seems that anything that gets released on the Dusty Donust label is just something we need in our record boxes, and trust me when I say they get a good work out at pretty much every gig I play 45s at. The fellas at the label just have the knack for finding tracks that sound familiar (even if you have never heard the original joints before), giving the drums a brand new spit and polish, and dropping records that just sound super fat in the club or in your headphones.

On this new release, things get really soulful. The A side kicks off with a beautiful Bobby "Blue" Band. Now I must admit I wasn't really all that familiar with the original until I just hit up the googles, but it does sound sweet - And the new drums just really bring this soul track to a brand new level. I did an A/B comparison with the original and this new version, and the verdict is in: you need this remix in your life right now. 

Naughty NMX and Jim Sharp get all 80s soul on the flip side, taking on the Marcus Miller track "Much Too Much", which was sampled by Jay Z. It's wonderfully typical of what I love about this label: Take a known sample and fatten it up like a christmas turkey, and insert some elements from the Hip Hop version into the mix - Which is exacatly what happens here as Jay Z's verses are spread purposefully throughout the song. Essential.

Released towards the end of November 2016.

Shan Frenzie

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