DaiN - Give It A Try / Let Go

Written by  | 10 February 2017

A big thank you to my good friends over at Liquid Beat Records for sending over their latest offering on 45. Being already familiar with the top quality of the labels back catalog, I knew before the needle even hit the grooves that this release was going to be something special. The cover art alone is beautifully designed adorned with some lovely black and white photos of what looks to be an extraordinarily minimal home studio set up - a sign for what is to be contained with perhaps? The production definitely follows through on the sparse motifs, with Portland resident DaiN providing up with some serious head nodding material. This is Hip Hop production in that laid back west coast dillaesque lane but with that heavy east coast dankness.

We get two songs on here, a taster of DaiN's further output which is available through the redeeming of a code provided with the 45 that unlocks digital recordings of five songs in total - All of which are just beautifully crafted, and carry an easily identifiable signature sound: The kick drums kick, the snare drum snaps, stripped back melodic keys provide a layer of viscous soul that drips tantalizingly between each hit and provides a sound bed for the vocalists.

..and let's talk about the vocalists for a minute. On the 45 we are served up sultry vocals from Moniquea (sounding somewhat like a late eighties Janet Jackson), whilst on the flip Malice and Mario Sweet grace the beats with soulful harmonies. There are no raps on the 45, but we do get some on the digital track "All's Calm" from Black Spade, and emcee I'm not familiar with but keen to hear more of. That east coast dankness I mentioned earlier? You get that right here in droves and it's serious business.

Order the 45 directly from the Liquid Beat Records Bandcamp page

Shan Frenzie

Shan Frenzie

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