Kool Keith - Acura / Hoodini

Written by  | 25 July 2015

An interesting Rap 45 from Kool Keith has resurfaced in some online stores, with two songs taken from his Demolition Crash album from last year. The A side Acura features Diggin In The Crates veteran emcee A.G over a sinister sounding but largely forgettable beat.

For me, this release is all about the B Side. Hoodini has this strange off kilter digital beat that is glued together by some nice string samples and some tidy vocal scratching in the chorus. Koor Keith is exactly as you expect him to be in 2015 - Completely engaging with odd ball lyrics like "When you spit I chuckle, like popeye, guh-guh-guh-guh", but laking the ferocity of his earlier work with Unltramagnetic MCs. Guest rapper Dane Uno really shines on this track. He has the right flow and cadence to match the backing track, and really pops lyrically. The track isn't exactly a tune for the dancefloor but I think sonically packs a punch on a big system.

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Shan Frenzie

Shan Frenzie

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