DJ Roz - Strictly Classics

Written by  | 12 August 2015

Anyone who has tried do cuts and doubles with seven inch records will know all to well how difficult it is, and how you need to apply a different technique in handling the records than you would with traditional twelve inches. This new release from Washington's DJ Roz brings us a battle record that is the perfect practice tool for those deejays that are inclined to carve it up.

The release is filled to the rim with classic breaks, loops, and samples, all segued together in a continuous fashion. A bunch of the old favourites make an appearance on here: Trouble Funk's Pump Me Up, T Ski Valley Change The Beat, Down By Law from Wildstyle, Run DMC's Peter Piper, Uncle Louie's I Like Funky Music, The Mowhawks Champ, Bounce Rock Skate RollCramp Your Style plus a bunch more.

The loops are just long enough to let them roll without becoming too repetitive, and also don't require lighting fast backspins - and each loop is relatively the same BPM as the previous loop preceeding it, making the whole side listenable in a "mega mix" fashion from start to finish. The package comes with double vinyl pressed with large holes, and a beautifully decorated sleeve jacket.

Grab it over here

Shan Frenzie

Shan Frenzie

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