Jay Z - Magna Carta Holy Grail Deluxe Edition

Written by  | 26 August 2015

The wait is almost over for this spectacular collectors item that was reported back in March. The folks at Third Man records are set to release Jay Z's most recent album in a rather unusual package spread across eight 7 inch records. Now, I'm probably not going to lose any friends by stating my opinion that Magna Carta was possibly Jay Z's weakest album to date, but I'd still be kind of geeked by having Tom Ford, Somewhere in America, and BBC all on 45, which I consider the strongest joints on the album.

The release is limited to 1000 individually numbered sets, and is packaged in a clothbound binder with some fun little gimmicks inside, such as reverse text that can only be read using an included mirrior, and paragraphs of text that needs to be scratched away in order for the text underneath to be revealed.

The release is scheduled to hit stores in limited supply next month, but you can expect it to go for a hefty price making it strictly the domain for the die hard Jay Z completist.

EDIT: Apparently this release has been available in some countries already for some time. 

Shan Frenzie

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