J Zone - Seoul Power / I'm Sick Of Rap

Written by  | 01 September 2015

New York veteran J Zone hits all the right notes with this extrememly dope new 7 inch release, which is packed to the brim with so much diverse goodness. Things start off with the instrumental Seoul Power. It's a down tempo neck cracker utilising a sample from some obscure Korean joint but layered with hard hitting drums and some subtle sound effects and vocal grabs. It's dope!

On the up tempo jam I'm Sick Of Rap, J Zone lets fly lyrically on the state of the rap industry. Those already familiar with his book Root for the Villain: Rap, Bullshit and a Celebration of Failure will already be familiar with his stance, and on this track his lyrics are venom with lines like "Every fucking verse is sixteen bars, four bar hook", and "Yo Zone you gotta tour, Mother fucker what for? I'm damn near forty sleeping on somebody's living room floor",  and " I hate that we can't be cool with each other without saying we're gonna do a fucking song together". This song is a dense as it is super fly!

I got to hand it to J Zone. I've owned a few of his releases from throughout the years and always appreciated his talent, but I must admit he has always stayed within the periphary of my mind. However, I'm enjoying this new release so much. The production is raw, layerd, funky, and just gets me in all the right places, and the lyrics are just so spot on - This was a purchase worthy of double copies without any hesitation in my mind.

Grab it on Bandcamp over here.

Shan Frenzie

Shan Frenzie

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