Emskee & Mac McRaw - It’s About Time

Written by  | 10 September 2015

Cold Rock Stuff have a reputation of releasing quality Hip Hop joints. Some might say it's throwback rap, and I would probably agree as each release captures that classic nineties golden era feel but with a contemporary twist. This new joint certainly doesn't disapoint. It's a collaboration between New York rapper Emskee and Mac McRaw.

I'll start with the B Side in this review first, because what we get is the original track direct from 1995 and never previously released. It's got all those trademark nineties motifs: The obscure jazz horn sample, The SP12 8 bit crunch, the filtered bassline - and is that the same Jimmy McGriff sample that Wise Intelligent used on Steady Slangin? 

The A side turns the tempo up a notch with a complete reworking of the tune by Mac McRaw, and new lyrics recorded by Emskee. The beats are denser, but still have that nineties feel. Picking a favourite out of the two tracks was impossible for me. I loved them both and grabbed doubles as soon as I could. You best get yours on as well as this release is limited to 300 copies and is expected to sell out quick.

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Shan Frenzie

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