Nick Bike - Chosen Spokes Vol II

Written by  | 10 September 2015

Self confessed open-format disc jockey and music nerd Nick Bike has just dropped the second release in his Chosen Spokes label, and it's a big one that is guaranteed to move quickly. This time Nick has taken on the classic Nas tune Ain't Hard To Tell. On the A side he gives us a complete new remix which is most definately a heavy hitter, whilst on the B Side he has recreated the original instrumental with some nice little additions to the arrangement but largely keeps true to the original composistion. As with his previous release, the remainder of the B Side is filled with some repeating vocal snippets from Nas for those skippless scratches.

The whole release lends itself very nicely as a deejay tool - So double copies are definately required. Move on it quick though as this is expected to shift in the stores very quickly.

Keep an eye on this Bandcamp page, as it will be open for pre-orders in the near future

Shan Frenzie

Shan Frenzie

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