Andy Cooper - Bring It To Me

Written by  | 28 September 2015

We have had warning of this eminent release for several months, and now it's finally official. You probably know Andy Cooper as one third of the early 2000s Hip Hop group Ugly Duckling - and if that is not a name that is familiar to you then I strongly advise you head over to discogs and do your home work. We haven't heard much from these guys for a while now. Dizzy Dustin made on appearance on this dope 45 from Hosie late last year, but apart from that I can't remember the last time I heard from the crew.

This release starts with off with the extremely dope uptempo B Boy jam "Bring It To Me". Pretty sure that's a James Brown loop that I'm hearing, and I'm not mad at that at all. Musically, I think we have so moved on from those days where producers were encouraged to find the rarest most obscure samples - These days I'm just thrilled to hear anything funky as oposed to some of that souless pop music that passes for Hip Hop these days.  It's worth mentioning that this track was produced by Andy himself, and I guess that's why he sounds so fresh on this joint. He just sits in the pocket spitting lyrical fire in a style that you may not have heard him do on his previous Ugly Duckling releases, but just sounds as natural anyway.

The flip side "Do The Charlie Brown" is co-produced by Ugly Duckling deejay Young Einstein, and does sound more typical to what we know from these guys. It's a mid tempo jam over a fun bouncy sample that let's Andy do his thing with ease. Young Einstein has that magic ear for sample spotting, selecting loops that many people might pass over and turning them out into those joints that make you say damn!

It's worth mentioning that release is also available as a digital EP with a total of 6 songs. I won't review them in full here, because at this website I'm more interested in covering what is pressed to seven inch - Suffice to say that they are all dope tracks, and are available for free (Hence the name The Free EP). The whole thing is to help promote Andy's website, which you can find over here at his corner of the internet.

Grab the 45 release over here at Soundweight Records.
And grab the digital 6 track EP over here at Bandcamp.

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