ADL - Medicine

Written by  | 05 October 2015

A brand new joint from pioneering swedish rapper ADL has just hit the stores internationally, and it's come as a total unexpected but extremely nice surprise. It's pretty rare to hear anything from this verteran rapper these days, as he tends to to spend his time as a songwriter for other artists. It's important to note that according to discogs Medicine has been out since 2014, but as it's just hit Juno this morning it's safe to say that it will now be heard by a much wider audience for the first time - including my own ears.

The A Side, produced by DJ Devastate and Segerfalk is a soulfull and infectious summer jam. It uses a few simple rhodes chords and some Marvin Gaye vocal samples from Sexual Healing in the hook. ADL glides effortlessly over the beats. Considering this track had it's original release back in July of last year, it still comes off as a breath of fresh air.

The B Side, produced by Max I Million lends the track a more swing styled broken beat and some effective pads replacing the rhodes from the flip. It's Hip Hop but with a future beat twist that still maintains it's soulfullness.

Grab the release at Juno. 

Shan Frenzie

Shan Frenzie

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