Jorun Bombay - Break Edit #1 / Pop & Chips

Written by  | 08 September 2015

Jorun Bombay has been teasing us with news of this release for the last few months, and this week we finally get a taste of this forthcoming 45 to be released on Soundweight Records. The label is now taking pre-orders yet curiously have not revealed any sound bites. However judging from the tracklisting I think we can safely assume the B Side which features Jorun's remix of Teenburger's Pop & Chips is the same remix that has been floating around Youtube since 2012. To my knowledge this is the first time the remix is available in any physical format. So what does it sound like? Rest assured, as with all Jorun's output this track is super fresh - Built largely around the breakbeat from The Blackbyrds Theme, but with lots of extra bits and pieces used in a sort of cut and paste style. It's uptempo, funky, and did I say super fresh?

The A side remains a total mystery at this time of writing. With a curiously named title of Break Edit #1 it has me most intrigued as to what it might be. I'm left wondering if it will be a sort of instrumental version of the B Side, possibly with some extra production - but this would be an unusual move for Jorun who typically doesn't release multiple remixes of the same tune. So at this stage we are left wondering as to what this tune might be.

The real clincher is that only 300 copies of this 45 were pressed, and you can bet your cotton socks that these will be snapped up rather quickly on sight alone. I grabbed doubles myself without even knowing what either side was, based on Jorun's established reputation of being one of the best producers in the game. Shipping begins on the 14th of September.

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