French production dup DJ Suspect and Doc TMK are getting ready to snap necks with this dope release due to hit stores any day now. It's a solid boombap excursion appropriately featuring nineties indie Hip Hop luminaries Finsta Bundy, who I don't think I've seen a peep from for many years - But what a welcome return it is. Finsta and Bundy still have the goods intact, and sit perfectly on top of both sides of this release.

With this release Suspect and Doc TMK execute two solid sides of production. It's slightly moody and atmospheric, but uptempo with drums that hit hard in the pocket. These two tracks (The B Side is labelled the "Sumer remix") are aimed stright at the pure Hip Hop set, those of us with a love of the nineties in our hearts and an appreciation for that golden era sound that never really ended (You just got to keep looking beneath all that shitty pop music that passes for Hip Hop these days). I've also got to mention the chorus section, deftly crafted from expertly scratched vocal snippets - Just the way Hip Hop should be. Solid!

Label is designed by Mr Krum, so you know it's pleasing to the eye. This release is also crazy limited to 350 copies worldwide, so don't sleep.

Pre-order this release from Dusty Platter


Recorded back in 2006 in Nantes, France. 10 years later they appear on vinyl. They lost the master tapes so there is a mastering hiccup in it somhewere. Ha, raw... I like it.

Produced by Supafah and Batsudai. Featuring an array of French emcees over both sides. Kefyr, Marshall'Ombre, Pumpkin, Gas, Vin'S da Cuero, Lucien Sezes, Mo'Faya, S'pry, Nem, Shelem & Supafuh with some straight boom bap.

Really tidy packaging with stickers and cards for a very limited pressing of 100copies only

Available at Mentalow.


Out of Le Havre France comes the second forty five release from Djar One. You might remember his dope little release with Dragon Fli Empire earlier in the year. This brand new joint is very similar in style, and a killer dancefloor party track at that! 

The A side features lyrics from British MC Carpetface over a funky uptempo latin jam with some heavy Hip hop drums. I really like the production on this. It reminds of something Ugly Duckling would use, and that's no shot to Djar One but a compliment. The production is really nicely layered, dense but balanced, and really fun sounding - alternating between a big brassy chorus, and a funky little rhodes loop in the verse.

The B Side takes things is a slightly differnet direction, with the track "The Psycho Break" evidently named after the fuzzed out guitar sample that maked up the loop. This one is an instrumental which features some very dope cuts from Masta Moon and Incredeeple over some huge sounding B Boy drums.

This release is limited to a press of 300, and will be available from early December at all good outlets.


AG - 48 Bars

Written on 24 September 2015

This came out a few months ago, but deserves a mention. A conceptual record by DJ Nice from out of Toulouse, France. Using the same beat on both sides, but with DITC member AG on the A and French emcee N-Jin on the B.

Apart from the fact that AG is on the mic, the other reason to grab it is because after the 48bars finish, the deejays both go sick with different scratch patterns. DJ Duke (from legendary French hardcore act Assassin) on the English language side and DJ Skandela on side Francais.

Cop it here.