Bristol lads DJ Moneyshot & Rackabeat aka The Allergies finally get another appearance on vinyl. Their debut was a digital only release on Riddim Fruit in 2013, but thankfully the following year Mr Steven Moove and his label Wack Records put the biggest tune, the handclapping funk soul instrumental, Heartbreaker on the flip of the 45 that carried his own tune Big Bird. Everything else has been digital only. So it's a welcome surprise that they have now found a home at Jalapeno records and start the year off with a double single on wax.

Andy Cooper from Long Beach's party rocking Ugly Duckling provides the vocals for both sides. Rock Rock might be a simplified title, but the lyrical gymnastics certainly aren't. Chasing a frantic 150bpm tempo with live sounding drums, Andy breezes through the tune right through the horn refrain, organ stabs and the soul vocal samples. It's refreshing and a tune you can then blend from hip hop into your set of northern soul 45s. Jus sayin'. The b-side Blast Off is a rollicking mid tempo joint that brings more of that horn laden funk in heavy with a flow that reminds me more of classic UD. Two solid tracks for different occasions. Now if only some of their previous tunes would come out on wax, like Hold It, Special People and Club Spillage.

Order from Jalapeno.


From time to time when I hear those clown conversations lamenting on how Hip Hop is dead I can't help but think of Soundsci, and how who ever it is I'm conversing with has probably never heard of them - And that's just too bad, because as long as Soundsci keep turning out quality Hip Hop bangers like this then I can rest assured that the Hip Hop I love is alive and well. And too be frank, if you have never heard of Soundsci, or its core members of Oxygen, Audessey, UGeorge, Ollie Teeba, or Johnny Cuba then you're doing yourself a disservice, and have been most likely hiding under a rock or something because these fellas have been getting around.

So I won't go into how deep these guys are into Hip Hop, apart from saying that you need to school yourself up on them - and this release is a pretty good starting point. the A side is a solid downtempo joint, with a nice moody soundtrack sample. The fellas flex their usual talents all over this joint, and honestly there isn't a bad word I could say against it - But - When it comes to the flip side, now that my jam right there! Uptempo heavy B B drums, lyrical mayhem, and some super dope scratching courtesy of Mr Thing and DJ Woody. The B Side is worth the price of admission alone.

Overall, a solid and very dope release that gives us a taster for what we can expect off the forthcoming new album.

Grab it on Bandcamp


Arriving on wax 10 months after it first appeared as a free download on Soundcloud, Ain't Got Time cleverly incorporates the memorable piano from Stevie' Wonder's Hey Love with Marvin Gaye's vocals for Too Busy Thinking About My Baby. The outro includes some needlework and extra bits to make it more of a true composition instead of a generic mashup. As Mike has added a lengthier description on the YouTube or Soundcloud page linked below you can check there for how this track eventuated. A tasty international hook up between the UK & North America. The flip West Coast Wishin is Stevie's I Wish combined with Ronnie Hudson's West Coast Poplock. I must say I do appreciate the open drum break exit. Worth getting double copies for that alone. I'm pretty sure heads will be scratchin' in confusion when this drops.

Washington, DC born, but Canadian raised Mike Gaff aka THE GAFF, has an impressive record collection and is a top scratch deejay, but surprisingly has only one previous vinyl release himself. And that would be 2013's mid-tempo b-boy shuffling Do That Thing on the Home Breakin' offshoot label Punch Out Recordings.

Southampton's Lee Mintram aka FEATURECAST has been putting records out since way back in the ealy 2000s starting off with the Catskills label. He then had a bunch of records out through several of those 'funky breaks' type of labels such as Goodgroove, Funk Weapons, Ghetto Funk, Super Hi-Fi and Jalapeno. You know the vibe, uptempo party rockin' hip hop sampling boogie funk type of steez. Witness his 60min set for Clubland TV here.

Motown on Mondays at

Strictly limited to 100 copies only.

Available here at Bandcamp.


DJ VADIM - Fussin N' Fightin

Written on 01 March 2016

Okay, so Vadim's latest might not be straight hip hop, but heck, he's a bloody nice bloke and has a back catalogue steeped in hip hop productions.

Musically its a re-rub of Matthew McAnuff's 2008 Be Careful riddim, with some input from the horn section of Brighton's King Porter Stomp and vocals from Demolition Man. Demo collaborated with Vadim in 2007 for The Soundcatcher Extras LP, then again in 2014 for the original collection Dubcatcher. Now in early 2016 we get a sequel in the double gatefold album Dubcatcher 2 (Wicked My Yout). From that we have the first 7" single Fussin N Fightin, which is limited to 100copies on vinyl. btw, the flip's version is heavier on the horns, though Demo's infectious vocals are hard to bypass.

Trivia: Aussie lads RESIN DOGS recorded a track with Demolition Man for Peace and Love back in 2008.

Limited 45 available here.


Smoove - Return Of The Beats

Written on 03 February 2016

Holy Moly, this release is set to blow your mind! It's been a minute since Wack records dropped a release. I think the last one was back in 2014. The label has a steady discography behind them, notching up 15 releases so far with the majority of them as 45s - and this new forthcoming release is set to fire up a dancefloor near you.

As with most (but not all) releases on this label, the man behind the production is Smoove. I've been a big fan of his music for the last 15 years or so. Yes, His discography runs deep. In recent years he has had some success on Jalapeno Records with his duo of Smoove And Turrell which nicely crosses elements of Motown soul, House grooves, and straight up club bangers - But I get the feeling that his releases on Wack Records allow him to run deep in his record collection and get busy with samples in ways that might be prohibitive under his other production guises.

The A side is an uptempo soul stomper utilising elements of the Martha Reeves classic, laid over some hard hitting drums. This sound is very much a signiture sound for Smoove, as he has expertly craft together the driving momentum of Northen Soul of many previous releases. This side really shows his mastery of that sound and is worth the entry fee alone.

The B Side.. How can I put this.. It's pretty bloody freakin' amazing! In a total flip in style Smoove takes on the Mantronix classic "King Of The Beats", recreating it expertly but giving it enough of it's own identity. Is it a remix? Is it a remake? Well I guess it's both. Whatever it is, I'm an instant fan. He uses many of the original samples as used in the Mantronix version, but to slightly different effect - and introduces some samples that never appeared in the original. This mix sits very comfortably right next to the recent DJ Format 45, and also has elements that took me right back to Coldcut's "Say Kids What Time Is It" which acts largely as the blueprint for these types of cut-ups.

As with all releases from Smoove, you can tell that this has been produced with a total love for the music and the format it is released on. It's worth mentioning as well that a previous (but some what similar in style) release on Digga Please from Smoove was available for only the briefest window of time - and I expect that this will be the same, which should be enough motivation for you to run out and grab your copy right away.

Pre-order on Juno Records


The drummer for London jazz funk outfit The Expansions drops his first 45 as the debut release on new label Albert's Favourites. Thankfully it's not mired in that glitch hop sound that dominated the genre for awhile, but it instead harks back to the day when I got excited by new music from Controller 7, Omega One, Bias, Daedelus, Blockhead, DJ Day, etc... 'Mind Field' is a lucious swirling evocative little with some beautifully layered elements. Like patting a fluffy kitten with sensitive hands, the light percussion feels soft to the touch over the evocatively executed soundscape. 'Mindfield'... Oh how I love this tune. It's one of those tracks I want to mix into itself again. It's delicate, highly organised, subtle, yet complex and intriguing. Listening to this makes me feel as though a fairy has curled up and made it's bed inside my ear canal. Intelligently comforting.

The flip 'This is the One' is no less than its alternate, but swings with slightly heavier drums and more prominent bassline, while still retaining a dreamy atmosphere. Overall it's an excellent 45 for summery daytime events in the chill out area.

The digital file came out in December, but now late January 2016 we are able to purchase the, hopefully first, vinyl from Jonny Drop's digital only LP 'Sub Pilot'.

Grab it from their Bandcamp


Mr Brown - 'Oil Baron'

Written on 30 November 2015

Finally released after hanging about digitally since May comes the 2nd release on the UK's Headcount Records via KingUnderground. Following on from ex-Caveman MCM's 'Rhymes Equate Actual LIfe' we get a posse cut featuring feat Cappo, Jehst, Pneeumatic, Emcee Killa, Solar Black, Teslas Ghost, Ray Vendetta, MNSR Frites, Brotherman, Confucius MC, Kashmere and Life MC. At 8 emcees they each get 8bars and at 5:51mins on a 45, methinks they are pushing the friendship a tad. It's an unhurried beat dominated by dark horns samples with the occasional bright trumpet. Definitely for fans of posse tracks and those who appreciate the varying British styles. Scratches and beat by Mr Brown. Limited to 250 copies.

Purchase from here: KINGUNDERGROUND


Iceski and Merlin - Nuff A Dem

Written on 24 September 2015

One of the best Britcore tracks I've heard in years. If you are unfamiliar with that unique British spawned style, think...intense uptempo overpowering beats, insane manic scratching & intense rapping. A style that helped influence Australian acts like Def Wish Cast and Blades of Hades.

'Nuff A Dem' features Iceski from Criminal Minds, with guest verses by Polish born MC Gambit (formerly of Swiss based crew Last Resort) and Uncle Mic Nitro. Production by Hamburg based Merlin of Sublime Wizardry. And no, its not Smiley Culture's nephew who rapped on the 1988 classic 'Megablast' by Bomb the Bass. The flip 'Check It' gets props because it samples some dialogue and screams from Lucio Fulci's nightmarish 1981 zombie film 'The Beyond'. DJ Tones and Highfly execute the cuts.

This is the second 7" on the Show & Prove label, which is only 3 deep in its catalogue. From the forthcoming full length 'Enter the Dragon'.

You can hear the tracks, though it is now sold out on vinyl on their Bandcamp page, but still available over at Discogs.



Hot off the presses is this extremely dope new release 45 from the UK's DJ Format. It's been a while since we have heard Format drop an instrumental cut-up, and with this one he certainly doesn't disapoint. Both siedes of this release are created using various songs from Kool and The Gang - Interwoven, layered and connected with snippets of Hip Hop tracks that have sampled the group, such as Gangstarr, 45 King, Uptown, and The bomb Squad. As you might guess, there is a huge breadth of material to work with - and Format expertly crafts the pieces together into two cohesive monsters that will sound equally dope in the headphones or in the club.

Once again, this is a strictly limited release, and you can get your pre-orders in here.


Boca 45 - People Are You Ready

Written on 15 September 2015

Here is a sure shot coming from one of the UK's finest Hip Hop producers Boca 45. People Are You Ready comes off his latest album Dig Eat Beats Repeat, and features rappers Emskee and The Saint from the NYC duo The Good People. Musically it's very much in the same vein as what you would expect from Boca 45. It's sample heavy, funky, and infectious - and I'm real glad he released this as a 45 as I always considered this tune one of my favourite party jams from the album.

On the flip you get a remix from Soundci who totally flip the tune and utilise a latin sample to devastating effect. The rhymes sit in the pocket, and the snares snap hard. It's a great remix that gives the tune a very different feel.

This release comes digitally and as a 45s, and is shipping direct from bandcamp right now.

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