The bane of record collecting is when labels reissue joints that you just recently picked up the originals of - And this is very much the case with this forthcoming release on the Originals label. I had the Emotions joint already (Sampled by Marly Marl), but only recently laid my hands on an OG copy of the Big Daddy Kane track. Afterall, this is one of the essential blends that you can't resist doing in the club.

In all fairness if you don't have the original pressings of either of these songs then this purchase is a no brainer - and I'll be shelling out for doubles just to mess around with (keeping my OG's in pristine condition). The question begs though: Will "Ain't No Half Steppin" be the album version with the "Uh - Uh - Uh" at the start, or the single version which goes straight into the "Blind Alley" sample. We need not wait long to find out as this release is scheduled to hit stores before the year is through.


I've been overly impressed with the output from the 5 Borough Breaks label this year - And this latest forthcoming release continues to tick all the right boxes.

Both tracks on here are songs that have crept back into my own personal party playlists in recent years, so it's going to be awesome to be able to do that same blend with 45s. If you're not familiar with the EPMD track off their fourth album from 1992, it's a heavy laden typical EPMD monster with "crossover" appeal, sampling a hook from Roger Troutmans tune from 1991. Both sides are killer, and deserve their own attention in theor own right.

Whilst on the subject of EPMD and Roger connections, "You Should Be Mine" is lifted off the same Roger album from 1991 as the underrated track "Everybody Get Up" - But it's the twelve inch version of that particular song that features a series of very dope remixes featuring (Of course) EPMD. Now that's a track I'd love to see pressed to 45!

No date yet for this forthcoming release on 5 Borough Breaks, but I expect it to hit all the usual outlets before the years through.