Flipout - Flippin' Bob Parts 1 & 2

Written on 03 November 2016

I once heard someone proclaim that "Nautilus" was the greatest song ever in the history of mankind, and who am I to argue with that? At the very least, it pretty much defined my early adult hood, as I spent countless hours scouring the album notes of whatever nugget of gold I found on the CTI label that week, whilst in a purple haze. Hip Hop producers of the nineties seemed to think so as well, as it got rinsed on so many legendary records. Infact, DJ Flipout has done a particularly spiffy job of collating all those records into one handy 45. "Flippin' Bob" pulls together various snippets of a whole bunch of songs that sampled the classic Bob James tune, and meticulously arranges them over a nicely cutup backing track of said tune.

Spoiler alert: It turns out that there are so many songs that sampled "Natutiuls" that flipout had to seperate them on two sides of the record, which pretty much means double copies of this release are a requirement to make your own mega long extended remix version. It would be well worth the double purchase as well, as this release is super crazy cool and maintains the awesomeness that we have come to expect from this great little record label.

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Nick Bike - Chosen Spokes #3

Written on 10 March 2016

Canadian producer Nick Bike has been really finding his form lately. He had a good year in 2015, with two excellent releases, and this year sees him continue his run with this third instalment in his Chosen Spokes series - and I have to say, for a format that runs just under five minutes per side, Nick Bike really fills each of his releases to the brim, and this is no exception.

The proceedings start with a very funky remix of "Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em". A funky guitar lick and some super stomping drums nicely cradle the main focal point of the track, Rakim's lyrics. The chorus is accentuated by some nicely edited vocal grabs. Nothing too fancy is going on here, and that is quite ok with me as Nick quite obviously knows that sometimes less is more. This A side is rounded off with thirty seconds of Nicks usual skippless scratchy sound bites.

The flip side contains three exercises in production - all are fantastic and carry their own flavour. The stand out to me is the huge sounding "Positive Contact", with its squelchy baseline and 90's Hip Hop drums. It's reminiscent of what producers like Danny Breaks and Tipper were doing in the UK a number of years back, and I could quite easily have enjoyed this track on it's own full sided release.

Overall, another great release that is worthy of picking up as soon as possible before it sells out. 

Grab it from Juno Records


Arriving on wax 10 months after it first appeared as a free download on Soundcloud, Ain't Got Time cleverly incorporates the memorable piano from Stevie' Wonder's Hey Love with Marvin Gaye's vocals for Too Busy Thinking About My Baby. The outro includes some needlework and extra bits to make it more of a true composition instead of a generic mashup. As Mike has added a lengthier description on the YouTube or Soundcloud page linked below you can check there for how this track eventuated. A tasty international hook up between the UK & North America. The flip West Coast Wishin is Stevie's I Wish combined with Ronnie Hudson's West Coast Poplock. I must say I do appreciate the open drum break exit. Worth getting double copies for that alone. I'm pretty sure heads will be scratchin' in confusion when this drops.

Washington, DC born, but Canadian raised Mike Gaff aka THE GAFF, has an impressive record collection and is a top scratch deejay, but surprisingly has only one previous vinyl release himself. And that would be 2013's mid-tempo b-boy shuffling Do That Thing on the Home Breakin' offshoot label Punch Out Recordings.

Southampton's Lee Mintram aka FEATURECAST has been putting records out since way back in the ealy 2000s starting off with the Catskills label. He then had a bunch of records out through several of those 'funky breaks' type of labels such as Goodgroove, Funk Weapons, Ghetto Funk, Super Hi-Fi and Jalapeno. You know the vibe, uptempo party rockin' hip hop sampling boogie funk type of steez. Witness his 60min set for Clubland TV here.

Motown on Mondays at momfam.com

Strictly limited to 100 copies only.

Available here at Bandcamp.