Here's a great new release from German producer DJ Lunatic who packages up two cheeky little party tunes for you. The proceedings kick off on the A side with a funky remix of the classic Ultra's track Poppa Large. Kool Keith's vocals ride over a raw backing track. I couldn't say with any authority what the source of the sample was, but it sounds authentically late sixties with that raw New Orleans big brass sound. It's a great little nugget for the dancefloor that will keep the trainspotters guessing.

Equally as interesting on the flip side we get a Masta Ace remix using some very quirky instrumentation. The drums I recognise as Dexter Wansel's Theme from The Planets, but rest I'm not familiar with. DJ Lunatic has sourced a curious sample that to my ears sounds like the 8 Bit music made on the old Amiga computers back in the day - and that's totally cool as I was a big 8 Bit music fanatic back in the day! It's a squelchy and filtered bed of music, and comes off nicely experimental and interesting - although it's not really one for your next boombap DJ gig, I can definitely see myself dropping this joint in certain spots to a musically discearning crowd. The more I listen to it, the more I'm feeling it!

It's worth mentioning that this release is pressed at 33rpm, so you can get busy with double copies. I think the A side will definately be great for this purpose.

Grab you copies from DJ Lunatic's facebook page here