Big thankyou to my homie DJ Katch for ruining my day when he posted this photo of an intriguing release on F5 Records. It turns out that unbeknownst to most people here, Edo G is currently touring Australia. I won't speak on the non-existant  promotional campaign of this current tour suffice to say that the Brisbane show had around ten people in attendance.

Anyway.. Katch got talking with Edo G, and recieved two of these little beauties. Notice the F5 logo on the label? Well, there is no mention of this on the F5 records website, so I can only assume that it's a forthcoming release. I'm hoping Edo G bought a stack of these into Australia with him, and I'll be hitting him up for sure. Keep an eye out!


The next forthcoming release on the Originals label takes us back to the late eighties with this aptly daisy aged ispired release featuring a tune from De La Soul's classic debut album. Jenifer Taught Me has never been released as a 45 so I'm sure it will be a welcome addition to any serious collectors arsenal. It's an odd choice of tune from the first album, and is sounding a little dated but I'm happy that the label didn't go for one of the usual tried and tested picks off Three Feet High And Rising.

Keeping in line with the previous releases in the Originals series, the flip side showcases the original sample source from Maggie Threft. I think this tune might have a bit more traction with the deejays as it holds up quite well. It's fun and bouncy - and whilst it has already seen two releases on 45 (The most recent also being a De Le Soul inpired bootleg) both are pretty hard to come by, so this should make collectors happy. This rap 45 will be released late September through all the usual record outlets.


The team at F5 Records are giving fellow record label Get On Down a good run for their money as they continue to release some hand picked underground Hip Hop classics on 45. For their third release in this seven inch series they turn the spotlight on the Markey Marl project Real Live, with three thacks from their debut 1996 album The Turn Around but were never previously released on seven inch. All three tracks were produced by K Def, and have that mid nineties boom bap feel which is sounding as dope as ever. 

This release comes hot off the heels of the previous 45 from Sadat X, and The Alps, and is scheduled by early September with a very limited run of 400 pressed.

Place your orders here


With the release of the the recent Jukebox binder set from Get On Down all eyes have been peeled for the next forthcoming releases, which were promised to be trickled on a monthly basis to VIP customers who bought the premium packaged binder.

Last week saw the classic Camp Lo anthem Luchini AKA appear on the Disk Union website in Japan, which now makes four new titles having been leaked since the binder was released - Three of them I have in my own possession, So I can confirm their existence. As yet, I have found no mention of them from either Get On Down, or any stores outside of Japan, but can only assume they are the four scheduled releases due out sometime this year.

The releases include all heavy weight party starters that have never been previously available on 45:

  • Common - Resurrection (Large Professor remix)
  • Big Pun -  Still Not A Player
  • Dead Prez - Hip Hop
  • Camp Lo - Luchini AKA 

This one isn't technically a new release as it has been available since record store day of this year, but it seems to have flown under the radar of most collectors - Possibly because of the price being so inhibitive - But since the release is pretty dope I think it's worthy of a mention on this blog. 

The 7" sees two previously unreleased demos recordings by Tim Dog produced by TR Love. As you might expect from a release of this nature, the sound quality is rough but it kind of adds to the alure of the tracks - Afterall, they were produced on an SP1200 which definately lends that gritty sound to both tracks. My pick of the two is the B Side It's My Time, which sees Tim Dog flex some serious lyrical muscle over the Commodoress Assembly Line. It's uptempo and rugged - One for the B Boys, although the A side is pretty dope as well. 

The 45 is available on orange vinyl, and only 300 were pressed. I'm not sure how many remain, but it's still for sale through the website below. The one major gripe I have is the incredibly expensive price tag. For me to have this shipped out to Australia it would cost me more than the price of a full length album - making this release strictly for the cashed up die hard collector. Speaking of full length albums, apparently this release is a part of a series of 45s that TR Love will soon compile into a full length album.

Reports from customers are coming in that this release is now shipping.

Buy the 45 here


Get On Down are continuing their streak of beautifully packaged releases, this time re-releasing the iconic album Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde on seven individual coloured 7 inch singles, complete with B Side remixes. Each 45 comes in it's own full coloured jacket. Now, I'm not completely certain of this, but I'm pretty sure the album was already previously released as a series of 45's a few years back. If I'm wrong I stand to be corrected, but I have no doubt that this most recent reissue will excite many heads out there, if not only for the previously unreleased B Sides.

Grab the boxset here


The team at F5 Records, who re-released the recent 45 from Alps Cru, are now taking orders on their forthcoming 7" in the series. This time they have chosen two tracks off the iconic Sadat X album Wild Cowboys. Whilst the tracks they have chosen are slightly left field and not the picks from the album that most people might gravitate to, I'm sure they will still be welcome additions to any avid collector. The 7" includes The Lump Lump produced by Buckwild, B sided with Escape from New York produced by Pete Rock. Both tracks have never been issued as a 45. The release comes with bonus beats for both songs, and is signed by Sadat X with a limited pressing of only 400.

Order the 45 here



Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean

Written on 12 July 2015

The 5 Borough Breaks label have been busy this year, releasing a series of 45s with a similar concept to the Originals series: Take a classic Hip Hop joints and B Side it with the original sample. The series has made some good choices, opting for tracks that to my knowledge have never been previously available on the 7inch format. This release sees Jeru The Damaja's classic debut Come Clean sided with Funk Inc's classic Kool Is Back (Which provided the drums hits for the Jeru joint), and should be welcome addition to any serious collectors arsenal.

Purchase it at Juno Records

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