I'm really liking the output on this label. The first release from Freqnik & WDRE released back in 2014 is everything I love about instrumental Hip Hop: Lots of samples, funky arrangement, and that gritty sound. It took well over 12 months until we were treated to the second release, this time from Canadian producers DJ Pump and Hedspin. That one didn't disappoint either and gave new hope to the idea that this label would be putting out more output. Well fortunately we didn't need to wait another year for this third release. In a matter of months since the previous one, we have a new 45 this time showcasing the production talents of North Carolina beat maker Drugs Beats.

This release continues the top quality instrumental Hip Hop stylings that we now come to expect from the label, although each tune is some what shorter in duration. Infact, I'm hesitant to call these full tracks, as they are much more like exercises on the MPC. Drugs Beats gives us a total of four of these exercises, spread over both sides of this 45. Right off the bat, I have to say these are great. They are packed with familiar samples such as the Ohio Players "Funky Worm". The J Dilla influence is strong on this release - infact DJ Houseshoes recently featured Drugs Beats on his most recent producer showcase series on "The Gift Volume 10", which did include all 4 of these exercises in its tracklist.

If this sounds like your bag then I'd suggest grabbing this release right away before it sells out. It's definitely packed full of head nodders for your next mixtape.

Grab this release from Juno Records


The drummer for London jazz funk outfit The Expansions drops his first 45 as the debut release on new label Albert's Favourites. Thankfully it's not mired in that glitch hop sound that dominated the genre for awhile, but it instead harks back to the day when I got excited by new music from Controller 7, Omega One, Bias, Daedelus, Blockhead, DJ Day, etc... 'Mind Field' is a lucious swirling evocative little with some beautifully layered elements. Like patting a fluffy kitten with sensitive hands, the light percussion feels soft to the touch over the evocatively executed soundscape. 'Mindfield'... Oh how I love this tune. It's one of those tracks I want to mix into itself again. It's delicate, highly organised, subtle, yet complex and intriguing. Listening to this makes me feel as though a fairy has curled up and made it's bed inside my ear canal. Intelligently comforting.

The flip 'This is the One' is no less than its alternate, but swings with slightly heavier drums and more prominent bassline, while still retaining a dreamy atmosphere. Overall it's an excellent 45 for summery daytime events in the chill out area.

The digital file came out in December, but now late January 2016 we are able to purchase the, hopefully first, vinyl from Jonny Drop's digital only LP 'Sub Pilot'.

Grab it from their Bandcamp


Exciting news from Detroit band Will Sessions as they are reported to release TWO new 45's covering four of Nas' most classic songs from his debut Illmatic album. At this stage news is sparse, but we assume the recordings will be the instrumental backing tracks used by Slum Village's Elzi's on his 2013 tribute album Elmatic - and we are definitely not mad at that. The band did an awesome job on that album, faithfully recreating all the iconic tracks from the album, and these two new releases will be our only chance to have these Nas instrumentals on vinyl.

According to our sources, these new 45 releases were scheduled for today and are to be distributed by Fat Beats, but as yet have not surfaced online - So we expect them to hit stores any minute now. Stay tuned and peep a digital version of The Elmatic Instrumentals here in the meantime.

First release:

  • Life's A Bitch
  • The World Is Yours

Second release:

  • It Ain't Hard To Tell
  • One Love